First Highlight, Limbs for Life

As I’ve mentioned, I will be donating to a non-profit in either Indiana, Texas, or Louisiana every 2 weeks. In my off weeks, though, I will be highlighting a non-profit to share with you all!

I am incredibly fortunate to have a family who supports me in pretty much everything I do, especially my mom! So for my very first highlight, I have chosen a non-profit with a focus that my mom is interested in.

Limbs for Life is located in Oklahoma City, OK and is a “global…organization dedicated to providing fully-functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it and raising awareness of the challenges facing amputees.”

They are able to help those stateside by “work[ing] with prosthetic clinics and skilled clinicians  nationwide who donate their time, labor and energy to help those in need.” To reach out globally they “[accept] gently-used prosthetics and prosthetic components from individuals who no longer need them. [T]hese used, but functional components…are able to reach hundreds of amputees in developing countries and provide them with an inexpensive prosthetic option.”

One of the cool things about Limbs for Life is that they have built a strong support system within their own community through engagement opportunities. Those engagement opportunities include the Blaze 5k which is held in partnership with the Oklahoma City VA Medical Center and Hangar Clinic, drawing about 500 runners and walkers to the Oklahoma River. They are further supported by Scott Sabolich Prosthetics, which hosts a golf tournament each fall with partners like MidFirst Bank and Chili’s.

If you’re interested in donating to Limbs for Life, click here. They provide options to donate online, by mail, and by phone! Providing someone with a properly fitting prosthetic can make such a difference in a person’s life – the gift of mobility, the self-esteem to follow their dreams, the list goes on.

If you’re interested in supporting non-profits in this vein, below I’ve included a list of some other cool orgs I found.

I’ll be sharing my second donation next week, but comment below if you know of any awesome non-profits I should add to my donations and highlights list!