Fifth Donation, The Villages

So this is actually my second post this week because I’m trying to get back on schedule, woops! We’ve left Texas and are now hopping on up to Indiana. You may begin to see a theme with my donations and the audiences I target. I am very supportive of organizations that support children and teens that allow them an opportunity for a safe environment, access to quality education, and the opportunity to express themselves through creative outlets that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at our next org! The Villages is Indiana’s largest not-for-profit child and family services agency, their main focus being on foster care and adoption. First established in 1978 by an endowment, the agency opened its first home in 1980. Since then it’s grown exponentially to more than 20 offices strategically placed throughout Indiana.

As I mentioned, they focus primarily on foster care and adoption, but dang do they have a laundry list of other incredible programs! Their programming focuses on providing education for parents and children to improve relationships. Healthy Families, for example, strengthens the relationship between parent and child at the very beginning, providing education to parents on how to be the most effective parents to their child(ren).

Be on the lookout in your own state for orgs like these, and for our highlight next week!


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