Second Highlight, Blood Donation

Hey everyone! So this highlight will be a little bit different from my first. You may have guessed from the post title that this will be about blood donation, which any of you can participate in, in any state! I know that giving blood makes some people feel squeamish, but hear me out, I feel you.

The reason that I am highlighting this particular cause is because it’s something that I do regularly, and it terrifies me. I began donating blood when the tragedy in Orlando occurred earlier this year, and after finding out I’m O+, I now go every 8 or so weeks.

Here’s the thing, though, every single time I donate I come incredibly close to throwing up and passing out, I have to have someone to talk to throughout the entire process, and it’s vital that I have a Sprite at the ready. During my most recent visit, the tubing carrying the blood to the pack touched my hand at one point and it took everything in me to not run out of the room screaming. In fact, I was just sent a “Thank You” email from the Indiana Blood Center where they said, “The pint (or so) of blood you just donated weighed roughly a pound.” I read that and closed my email as fast as I possibly could! You got a pound of blood from me? No, thank you!

I thought it would get better the more I’ve given, but it hasn’t, and yet I still do it. As an O+ blood type, I’m capable of giving to O+, A+, B+, and AB+ blood types. That’s a lot of dang people I’m able to directly impact! I tell you this to say, that sometimes helping others and doing the right thing can be scary. It can challenge you in different ways.

Just because you’re scared, doesn’t mean you’re not helping others. I challenge everyone to face a fear and help someone else.


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